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  • Final releases and last work week

    Posted on July 8th, 2010 iseidel No comments

    The last week was Ingo’s last week in the Itchy Feet project. At the beginning of the week he went to the i-Society conference in London where he presented the paper on engineering 3D Virtual World applications. The audience was very interested in the topic and several discussions evolved afterwards.

    The second major task for Ingo was the finalization of the source code packages. He created two different packages: the Generic Connection Server (GCS) package and the Connection Server (CS) package. The CS package includes the source code of the Connection Server that was used in the Itchy Feet project to create the 3D e-Tourism environment. Additionally, this package contains several automated tests that simulate the 3D Virtual World and which can be executed in combination with the release package of the 3D e-Tourism environment.

    The Generic Connection Server which is available in the GCS package is a stripped down version of the Itchy Feet Connection Server with all the Itchy Feet specifics removed. This package is intended for developers who want to utilize our framework for the development of custom Virtual Institutions. The GCS package also includes an Example Federation and automated tests that simulate a 3D Virtual World. This makes it possible to execute the GCS, to run several tests against it and to learn abut and understand its functionality.

    Both packages are accompanied with an extensive, Wiki-based, documentation that provides information on the background of the framework, setup and execution instructions as well as implementation details. The packages can be downloaded as zip or tar archives in the Download section.

    Finally, we did receive some good news on our submitted book chapter on the Hybrid Semantic Search System (HS3). The editor did send us two positive reviews (with a third pending) and gave green light to prepare the final version of the book chapter.

    Ingo’s work in the Itchy Feet project has ended now and he will soon be leaving for Ireland where he is going to spend the next year together with his girlfriend in the city of Limerick. The last three years have been a valuable experience and it was a great pleasure to work together in a team with such highly skilled people as Helmut, Markus, Josef and Michael. He will be missing the very enjoyable working atmosphere and already looks forward at an Itchy Feet team reunion in the future.

  • Example Electronic Institution and Conference Preparation

    Posted on June 28th, 2010 iseidel No comments

    Ingo continued to work on the creation of the Generic Connection Server (GCS). He finished the refactoring and documentation of the Connection Server used in the Itchy Feet environment and then extracted a subset of the code to create the Generic Connection Server. He further started to implement an Example Electronic Institution which will be packaged with the Generic Connection Server and will be used to illustrate the functionality of the GCS. Furthermore, as the i-Society conference is approaching, Ingo prepared for the conference and created a presentation which he will give on Monday at this conference.

    Last week Markus adapted the Data Fetching Routines of HS3 and will try to improve the Annotation
    Component of HS3 to get better results this week. Furthermore, he’ll create an example corpus of approx. 100K documents and 800K triples to evaluted the scalability of the system. He visited Andy Rauber to give him a presentation of HS3 and got all documents that are needed to officially register his PHD thesis.

  • Rigorosum, generic Connection Server, Book Chapter Review and HS3

    Posted on June 20th, 2010 iseidel No comments

    Last week Markus was reimplementing part of the search logik of HS3. Now the Semantic Search Service uses in addtion an OR logic instead of just multiple parallel AND statements to perform the search. This has the advantage that it is faster and not that much parallel execution is needed to perform a search. Furthermore, the boost logic of Lucene is no used to calcualte the actual rank of the results. Currently Markus is working on an enhanced version of the Data Fetcher that generates queries based on instances and concepts in the KB, permutates them and queries Yahoo BOSS to receive appropriate sites. However, the retrieved sites will have to be pre-filtered according to their relevance.

    The last weeks Ingo has been working on the creation of a generic Connection Server package which can be used by other researchers to implement Virtual Institutions. In particular, it is intended to support Tomas in the connection between Electronic Institutions and 3D Virtual Worlds in his research domain of automatically creating 3D Virtual Worlds out of Electronic Institution specifications. While the static generation has already been realized by Tomas, the generic Connection Server package will aid him in making the environment dynamic.

    Furthermore, Markus and Ingo reviewed two book chapters for the book “Ontology-Driven Web Mining”. We had received these review requests as we had also submitted a chapter for publication in this book, and, apparently, the editor had run out of reviewers and kindly asked us to also review two chapters. And this we did.

    Ingo is also eagerly awaiting his Rigorosum (comparable to a PhD defense) which will take place tomorrow on Monday, June, 21th. He has prepared a talked which he already had presented in front of the members of the VSEM project this week and is currently working on further refining and optimizing the talk in order to give a good presentation tomorrow.

  • The meeting

    Posted on May 30th, 2010 iseidel No comments

    This week we did get a visit from Marc and Tomas from the IIIA in Spain. They are working on the automatic creation of 3D Virtual Worlds out of Electronic Institution specifications via shape grammars. So far, they implemented a tool that enables the automatic creation of a static 3D Virtual World. As a next step they intend to make the 3D Virtual World dynamic and would like to utilize the middleware layer of our framework for the real time message exchange between the Electronic Institutions and the 3D Virtual World. Therefore, the primary goal of the meeting was to introduce them to the framework, to learn about their work and to present our research results.

    The meeting took place on Thursday and was divided into three different parts. In the first part, Ingo gave two presentations – one on the Itchy Feet system and one on the evaluation of Itchy Feet – and Tomas gave a presentation as well as a demo of the shape grammar interpreter (which is the graphical tool for the design, specification and generation of the virtual world). Then, in the second part, we gave them an in-depth demo of the Itchy Feet system showcasing all the available functions and illustrating how the connection to the Multi-Agent System works. In the last part, which was the most extensive part, Markus and Ingo introduced Tomas to the package structure and source code components of the framework. We showed him how the connections between the different layers are established, how the fraemwork is controlled and which kind of functionality is implemented in which package.

    In conclusion, the meeting went very smoothly and it was a great pleasure to have the two guys here for one day. Furthermore, we did get quite a lot of information exchanged and we believe that Tomas is now ready to experiment with the framework and to possibly utilize it for their work.

  • Visit from Spain

    Posted on May 23rd, 2010 iseidel No comments

    Tomas and Marc from Spain also wrote another e-Mail where they expressed their intention to visit us next week. After some planning and identification of a date on which everyone is available, they are going to visit us from Thursday to Friday, if everything works out with their flight and hotel booking.

    The last two weeks have been quite busy for Ingo. Especially the last weekend was stressful as he worked hard on his dissertation to be able to submit it on May, 18th. He got everything finished in time and then submitted the dissertation on Tuesday. He is now awaiting his PhD defense which will take place in mid June.

    Markus wrote his PhD proposal, which was initially intended to be a 1 page summary but finally grew to the size of 10 pages. Furthermore, he adapted the GWT-based UI. Now the input field dynamically adapts to the size of the input, it is possible to input names in double quotes if they contain whitespaces and it’s possible to use the AND keyword to include multiple restrictions for a recognized concept.